Active Key AK-4450-G Compact Industrial Keyboard with Touchpad Details

These Active Key Industrial Keyboards feature a compact design with integrated touchpad, offering accurate cursor movement.

Active Key Industrial Keyboards with Touchpads are suitable for health, medical, industry & construction, rack & kiosk applications.

• Notebook Style
• Compact Size
• Easy to Clean
• Moisture & Dust Resistant

The Active Key AK-4450-G Compact Industrial Keyboards come in a range of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-4450-G Keyboard is a highly reliable keyboard with notebook style key field and integrated touchpad for use in industry, apparatus, tool and plant construction, server and kiosk as well as healthcare applications. The big touchpad allows smooth and  recise control of the cursor movement also for untrained operators. The touchpad is maintenance-free and does not contain any wearing parts.

While using scissor balancing technology with open slide bearings, the keycaps are leveled against all 4 corners and such ensure excellent key guidance and feel, also with excentric actuation. With its closed contact system, the AK-4450-G is resistant to moisture and dust. The flat, sideways slant keys allow for easy cleaning of the key field. For extended protection, you may also use our keyboard versions with silicon membrane.


Compact Notebook Style Key Field
82/83 Keys with 104/105 Key Emulation
Comfortable Ergonomic Key Actuation
Short Travel, Soft Tactile Key Feel
Full Size Key Width
Ideal for True Touch Typists
Big Touchpad for Mouse Replacement
1 USB Interface Connector
Wireless version available
Easy to Clean


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB keyboard and mouse
LED Indicators: Connection, Battery status
Temperature Range: Storage –20º to + 60º C or Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +5/-10% through USB interface
Current Consumption: < 100 mA (USB: Low Power Device)
Connectors USB: 1 x Typ A
Dimensions Appr: 282mm x 206mm x 25,5mm (with anti-skid rubber feet)
Interface: USB 2.0 (Low Speed)
Key Switch Mechanics: Scissor Balancing Technology
Weight Appr: 0,7kg (without packaging)
Touchpad: Active area 62 x 46 mm
Agency Approvals: CE/FCC

Part#: AK-4450-GU-y/zz

Identifier zz = Country Version (other versions on request)
US = US International GE = German RU = Russian
SP = Spanish FR  = French  FS = Finish/Swedish
UK = UK English IT   = Italian  PO= Portuguese 
CH= Swiss BE = Belgian CP = Czech

Identifier y = Color B = Black other colors on request