Active Key AK-C8100 Medical PC Keyboard Details

The Active Key PC Keyboard offers a disinfection capacity ideal for use in hospitals & laboratories, office & industrial environments.

Active Key Medical PC Keyboards come with IP68 seal options, reducing damage risks - Suitable for dirt or hygiene critical operations.

• Hygienic Keyboard
• Custom Options
• Easy to Clean
• Standard Layout

The Active Key AK-C8100 Medical PC Keyboard boasts low key actuation & precise action, with a choice of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-C8100 Keyboard is a high performance, reliable PC-keyboard. The purification and disinfection capacity makes it a perfect fit in hospitals, at practitioners and in microbiological laboratories.

The silicone membrane protects keyboard and key field against ingress of dirt and fluids. The Active Key Medical Keyboard impresses with congenial key actuation and precise key guidance. With its standard PC key layout, the AKC8100 is highly recommendable for heavy duty type writing in hygiene critical applications protecting against infection and limits risk and liability of the health care provider.


Hygiene Keyboard for Clinical Wipe Disinfection
Standard PC Key Layout with 104/105 Keys
360° Safeguard against Dirt and Splash Water
Flat Keys for Safe Routine Disinfection
Contained Key Membrane Made of Silicone
Seamless Surface for Complete Wipe Disinfection
Easy Key Actuation for Perfect Typing
Effective Usability and Ergonomics
Minimum Life Cycle Cost by Efficient Data Entry
Exchange Membrane for Machine Reprocessing
Protection Class IP68 and RF-Wireless as Option
Thorough wipe disinfection of key field and keyboard reduces microbial burden in the hospital Silicone key membrane with low key profile and contained, seamless surface
CleanFunction allows to switch off the keys while cleaning (“Fn”+”Clean on/off”)
Approved for clinical wipe disinfection according to VAH-List (Germany)
Machine reprocessing of exchange membrane at 93°C and 134°C (in addition to wipe disinfection) or: Full sealing IP68, respectively sealed membrane IP65 (RF-Wireless)


Compatibility: All Operating Systems that support Standard USB resp. PS/2 Keyboard Temperature Range: Storage –20º to +70º C or Operation 0º to +50º C
Keyboard Protection Membrane: Exchangeable Silicone Membrane or Fully Sealed IP68 Chemical Resistance: Wipe Disinfection according to Cleaning and Disinfection DGHM/VAH Interface: USB 1.1 (1.2 MBit/s)
Supply Voltage: 5 V +5%/-10% at USB Port resp. 5V +/-5% at PS/2 Port
Current Consumption Approx: 35 mA (USB: Low Power Device) Connector USB Type A resp. PS/2 Mini-DIN Dimensions Approx. 449 x 142 x 26 mm LED Status Indicators Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock, CleanFunction
Key Switch Technology: Scissors Balancing Key Guidance with Contained Contact System Key Travel Approx: 2,5 +/- 0,5 mm
Actuation Force Approx: 60 grams (similar to Notebook style Keyboards)
Agency Approvals.Certificates: CE, FCC, RoHS, EN-60601-1-2
*No Medical Device according to 93/42/EWG

Part# / Keyboard: AK-C8100F-zzz-y/xx (Wired) AK-C8100F-Fzz-y/xx (RF)

Part# / Exchange Membrane: AK-C8100-y/xx

Identifier zzz = Version/Option

U1 = Standard (USB), PS/2 upon request
UVS = IP68 Fully Sealed (Option)
FU1 = RF, FUS = RF Sealed (Option)

Identifier y = Color

W = White (Standard) WB = White Housing/ Black Membrane

Identifier xx = Country Version
US = US English BE = Belgium CH = Swiss IT = Italian
GE = German FR = French NOR = Nordic UK = UK English SP = Spanish  
(Other Versions upon Request)