Active Key AK-8000 Washable Keyboard Details

A washable PC Keyboard promoting cleanliness in the workplace, ideal for office environments & dirt or hygiene critical operations.

The Active Key Washable Keyboard features flush keys, allowing the Keyboard to be fully hand rinsed & washed from all sides.

• PC Keyboard
• Custom Options
• Easy to Clean
• 104/105 Keys

Active Key AK-8000 Washable PC Keyboards provide drainage channels for quick discharge of spilled liquids to reduce damage risks.


The Active Key AK-8000 FlushKey Keyboard is a modern PC keyboard with convincing qualities regarding cleanness at the work place: The flat, sideways slant keys allow for easy cleaning. The keyboard can be fully rinsed and washed from all sides. 

Best results are achieved by manual cleaning with a piece of cloth or a soft brush under rinsing water or in the sink. The Active key AK-8000 Keybaord can stay under water up to 30 minutes & is skin compatible detergents should be used for washing. Complete with drainage channels, the Active Key Washable Keyboard helps you to keep your keyboard and work place clean.


PC Keyboard with 104/105 Keys
Flat, Ergonomic Design
Easy to Clean
For 100% Flushing and Washing
Inured to Immersion (IP68)
Key Field with Drainage System


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB keyboard
LED  Indicators: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock
Temperature Range: Storage and Cleaning –20º to + 60º C, Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5V +5/-10% via USB port
Current Consumption Max: 100 mA (USB Low Power Device) 
Connector: USB type A
Key Switch Technology: Switch Membrane with Rubber Dome 
Dimensions Approximately: 451mm x 160mm x 23mm  Weight 0.52 kg (without carton) Cleaning Manual: Wet Cleaning - Using Skin Compatible Detergents possible
Water Resistance: Up to 30 Minutes Under Water
Agency Approvals: CE/FCC

Part#: AK-8000-UV-y/xx

Identifier y = Color B  = Black W = White

Identifier xx = Country Version
GE = German (For other country versions please contact us)