Active Key AK-7000 Small Footprint Notebook Style Keyboard Details

Active Key Notebook Style Keyboards boast a compact & low profile design. Suitable for use in limited spaces such as kiosk or industrial applications & rack implementation.

The numeric pad of the Small Footprint Keyboard allows quick data entry, with excellent key actuation & easy to clean keys.

• Notebook Layout
• 103/104 Keys
• Numeric Pad
• USB or PS/2

Active Key AK-7000 Notebook Style Keyboard features full size desktop keycaps, with a choice of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-7000 Keyboard is a reliable Small Footprint Notebook Keyboard with Numeric Pad. The numeric pad on the Active Key Keyboard allows fast and easy numeric data entry.

Featuring New Scissors Balancing Key Technology, providing key actuation feeling with soft tactile ergonomic characteristic. Designed to improve off center key actuation characteristics. While the low profile is ideal for rack implementation, kiosk applications and all other space critical applications. For extended protection, you may also use the Active Key keyboard protection cover.


103(US) / 104(Country Versions) Keys
Joined Numeric Pad
Notebook Style Key Layout
Ergonomic Soft Tactile Key Actuation
Low Profile (appr. 18 mm)
Windows™ keys
Full size desktop keycaps
Easy to clean


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard USB or PS/2 Keyboard
LED Indicators: Num Lock, Caps Lock, Scroll Lock, Power on
Temperature Range: Storage –20º to + 60º C or Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5V +/-5% via PS/2 port or 5V +5/-10 % via USB port
Current Consumption: Max. 100 mA (low power device)
Connector: PS/2 mini DIN or USB type A
Dimensions: 378mm x 139mm x 18mm
Interface: PS/2 or USB1.1
Key Switch Technology: Scissors Balancing
Weigh:t 0.66 kg (without carton)
Key Strokes Life: 5 million cycles at halve size keys, 10 million cycles at full size keys Agency Approvals:  CE/FC

Part#: AK-7000-z-y/xx

Identifier z = Interface
U = USB P = PS/2

Identifier y = Color
B  = Black W = Light grey

Identifier xx = Country Version
 US = US International GE = German (For other country versions please contact us)