Active AK-B7410-G Key Ultra Flat Backlit Medical keyboard with Touchpad Details

The Active Key Medical Keyboard with Touchpad is a compact, Hygiene Keyboard for medical, hospital & laboratory applications.

The silicone membrane is easy to clean, reducing contamination risks. Also making this a suitable option for use within the food industry.

• Backlit
• 104/105 Keys
• Easy to Clean
• USB or PS/2

Active Key AK-B7410-G Medical Keyboards come with a choice of language layouts.


The Active Key AK-B7410-G Keyboard is a reliable medical keyboard with Touchpad, particularly designed for the use in hospitals. This series of Active Key Medical Touchpad Keyboards feature a key field covered by a solid silicon membrane with sleek styling, and ergonomic design.

Designed to no re-contamination of open surfaces by polluted cleaning fluids flowing off the keyboard, with no risk of germ transmission by excess fluids leaking or dripping off the product. Ideal for use in hospital and suitable for healthcare providers, industrial applications, food industry , data input and in wet or dark areas.


Compact Notebook Style Key Field
Full Layout with 104/105 Backlit Keys
Dirt and Water Resistant
Silicon Key Membrane
Joined Numeric Pad
Surrounding Rim for Easy Installation
Big Touchpad for Mouse Replacement
Easy to Clean
Ideal for Spray/Wipe Sanitizing
3 Million Operations per Key
Keyboard symbols with adjustable LED backlighting
No hollow spaces for dirt and bacteria to accumulate
Thorough surface disinfection by spray/wipe sanitizing
Easy cleaning process with fast drying time
Suitable for most common hospital disinfectant solutions
Personnel safety: No risk of germ proliferation by submersion cleaning


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting USB keyboards
LED Backlight: All keys, green backlite (grey keyboard) and red backlite (black keyboard) Dimming Backlight: 8 levels, intensity controlled by “Fn” + “0” – “7” keys or “Fn” UP/Down Chemical Resistance: Most common hospital disinfectant chemicals
Interface: USB 2.0 (low speed)
Temperature Range: Storage –40º to + 70º C or Operation 0º to + 70º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +/- 5% through PS/2  Port, resp. 5 V +/-10% through USB Port 
Current consumption Max: 500 mA
Weight Approx: 750 grams (without packaging)
LED Status Indicators: Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock
Key Switch Technology: Carbon pill on gold meander, rated 3 million actuations per key
Key travel Approx: 2,5 +/- 0,5 mm
LED Life Time: Rated 200,000 hrs (22 yrs continuous on)
Dimensions Approx: 374x221x20mm (with surrounding rim and anti-skid rubber feet) Touchpad: Active area 62 x 46 mm
Agency Approvals: CE, FCC

Part#: AK-B7410-Gz-y/zz

Identifier zz = Country Version
GE = German US = US International (Other versions on request)

Identifier y = Color B = Black    W = White

Identifier x = Interface P = PS/2  U= USB