Spotlight on our driver boards - the control that's out of sight


For over a quarter of a century, Sure Grip has been supplying industrial control grips to a variety of industries.

But well-built control isn’t just an out-of-the-box solution. Sure Grip’s staff has extensive experience in electronic circuit design, programming and development.

And by partnering with Nexus, Sure Grip can be assured that buyers of its products in the UK can receive the right advice as they build a system that meets their needs - including the parts that you can’t immediately see.

Sure Grip’s range of control electronics come from a joystick manufacturer which understands control systems, programming, analog and digital electronics and printed circuit board design.

And Nexus can work with you from the design stage to ensure that you have the right solution for your needs - whether your components are in or out of sight.

The Sure Grip range of Driver Boards:

DBL-17 Logic Driver Boards

The DBL-17 Driver Board can read up to 10 inputs and can control up to 17 high current outputs to allow complex control of a machine's functions from a simple, easy to use control handle.

It can be used to replace relays, timers, diode logic circuits, and programmable logic controllers in many applications.

Programmed to your own specification, it is easily installed in mobile equipment, and promises reliable operation.

It’s ideal for control switch multiplexing - combining multiple signals into one signal - or for sequential, timed or delayed functions. The outputs are protected against surges in current or overheating, and they automatically reset when the overload is cleared.
SDB-P1 Single axis driver boards

A driver board that is designed for use with joysticks, slider modules, or variable voltage modules in order to proportionally drive two solenoids.

It has robust safety features - being protected against inductive kick back and short circuiting. All the outputs feature protection against inductive kick back and are short circuit protected. If a live wire touches a ground, the board will automatically shut down to help protect itself against damage until the short is fixed.

It can be supplied with an external switch that can be used to control up to three different machine attachments.

FA2 Danfoss Adapter Driver

The Sure Grip DFA2 Danfoss Adapter Driver is an update - a new Danfoss driver board which boasts the addition of a Caterpillar ECM compatible version.

With a microcontroller which constantly monitors voltage, and software safety that ensures that the valve will shut down safely in the case of a computer malfunction or wiring failure, it is a unit designed with safety at its centre.

As electrical surges are common on mobile hydraulic machinery, its hardware is designed to withstand them, and to survive installation errors or wiring faults or failures.

For all our Sure Grip driver boards, see our product page

Photo by Magnus Engø on Unsplash