OTTO expands its Hall effect range with new joystick and subminiature switch.


OTTO has released two new products - the latest being the new JHM Industrial Hall Effect Joystick.

The company - an industry leader in the design and manufacture of control switches, joysticks and grips - is continually working to improve and expand its range to meet the needs of customers.

This latest joystick is a full function operator control which is designed for spaces where a shallow, behind panel depth joystick is needed - such as an armrest or panel.
And with an operational life of ten million cycles in all directions, it’s built to last, using Hall effect technology for reliability and long life.

The JHM joystick has 15 different integrated handle options, 18 output configuration choices and 9 gating options. It’s an incredibly customisable item. Output options include CANopen, J1939 and USB versions, analog and digital outputs, and redundant sensors.

This kind of joystick is invaluable in mobile and industrial field applications, and makes a flexible addition to OTTO’s already impressive range.

Handle options include a ball handle, a lockout handle, a G3-D grip and handles with pushbuttons, rockers and 5-button keypads. Single axis, dual axis, and various omnidirectional selections are some of the gating options available. 

 In addition to Hall effect switches with digital and analog output options, OTTO's portfolio includes sealed and lighted high performance, snap action, rocker, pushbuttons and toggles as well as commercial and military control grips and Hall effect technology joysticks.

Earlier this year, OTTO announced the new HTWS subminiature Hall effect proportional output thumbwheel switch. It’s pictured here next to an American dime - roughly the size of a UK five pence piece. It’s a return-to-centre, single axis thumbwheel switch, which can be supplied with a with a knurled wheel, paddle wheel, or paddle wheel with seal boot for added  protection against dust and moisture.

As you’d expect from OTTO, it is built to last, with a three million cycle rotational life. The electronics are sealed to the highest standard, achieving IP68S, and an optional sealing boot is offered for even further protection against environmental contaminants such as dust and moisture. 

It has a range of eight output options, and snaps into a panel opening just 0.895 inches by 0.420 inches.

For more information on our OTTO products, and how Nexus can help you customise and build your components, just contact us. We can work with you from the drawing board onwards, to provide a bespoke solution to your needs.