Keep your motor running - cold weather advice for tractor drivers


THE COLD weather may be starting to bite in the UK, but the work doesn’t stop in agriculture.
Tractors and other agricultural machines need to keep going.

Dust, water, vibration, heat, cold, durability – farmers need robust machines on which they can rely on in any situation.

When the temperatures drop, there are a few things that tractor users can do to keep on motoring; and in the meantime, engineers at companies like Nexus supplier Marquardt are designing components that can withstand even extreme conditions.

•    Give your tractor time to warm up. Diesel engines are designed to operate at a temperature of 80-85 degrees Celcius. Giving the engine five minutes to warm up is time worth taking - giving all the parts of the engine time to expand to their proper working size at their optimal heat. 
•    Cooling down is important too - allow the engine to tick over for a few seconds before you turn it off.
•    Get the right diesel for the season - winter grade diesel, and an anti-waxing agent, will save a lot of time in thawing frozen filters. Diesel thickens to a waxy consistency at low temperatures.
•    Keep water out of your fuel tank - because water will freeze first.  Fit a water filter on the storage tank tap, or invest in filters that sink to the bottom of the tank to absorb water. Keep the bulk tank as full as possible, to stop condensation and water forming.
•    Keep a spare battery for jump starting. Batteries can fade easily during cold weather.
•    Keep the radiator clean of insects, straw, and other bits and pieces. You can clean it out by blowing air from the engine side out, or flushing it with a hose (just a normal hose, not a pressure washer.)
The components developed by Nexus supplier Marquardt can withstand even extreme conditions, and are in constant development. According to Thomas Hengstler, Global Key Account Manager Off-Road at Marquardt:

“In the agricultural machinery sector, the trend today goes towards high-tech operating components whose complexity, versatility and appearance must meet similar requirements to those of car manufacturers.
“With our knowhow, we can create cross-industry synergies that benefit customers from all sectors. In doing so we serve the whole spectrum of components, from rocker switches up to highly modern digital solutions.” 

The company knows how different climates affect agribusiness, as well as the economy of each area. Developing countries place the highest priority on robustness and functionality, while customers in industrialised countries have an additional focus on design.

Marquardt designers are developing components for the agricultural machinery cockpit of tomorrow - including radio remote controls that control the functions of a machine outside of the cab; and authorisation features that unlock machines for specific user groups.

At Nexus, we’re proud to work with suppliers who look to the future as well as helping our customers handle tonight’s frost. We supply a full range of Marquardt products, which can be found here
Photo by Graham Ruttan on Unsplash