How to choose the right controls – a focus on clamp knobs


Not all controls are right for every job – which is why Nexus provides such a wide range of options.

Take our supplier EHC, for example. The company is currently manufacturing the largest variety of control knobs available worldwide.

We decided to focus on a few different styles to give a quick snapshot as to why such a range is necessary.

Ball knobs

Ball knobs are really useful for applications where you need movement in all directions – and they’re comfortable to grip and easy to clean. The downside? They’re slippery to handle if they become moist or oily, so they’re not for use in environments where steam or grease are found.

EHC’s Durable Clamp Ball Control Knobs feature threaded and self-fixing/ push on knob varieties for high impact resistence. They come in flat top, oval, and round designs, with a range of sizes and custom options.

Two-prong clamp knobs

Two-prong clamb knobs – or T-handle knobs – provide better grip. They have strong clamping force, and are designed to offer good control. They’re especially good if there’s not a lot of space, as only one hand is needed to reach them.

Available in gloss or matt finish with a variety of styles and sizes, the durable 2-Prong Clamp Knobs, from the EHC Clamp Knob Series, provide excellent leverage.

Multi-prong knobs

EHC offer a variety of hand knobs – three, four and five prong. They’re a great choice when it comes to clamping operations, giving a secure grip for heavy torque. One way to tighten; the other to loosen. Great for positioning and holding elements of machinery.

The only problem is an increased surface area – making them more difficult to clean. For some applications – for example constant turning in a heavy-duty setting – a crank handle might be a good solution.

Fluted knobs
A product from this range is a good choice where grip control is a priority. They feature thermoset housing; and come in a variety of styles & sizes including Lobe Knobs, Coronado Knob, Over Molded, Scallop & Star Control Knobs.

Knurled knobs
Knurled knobs come in a wide range of styles but they all have one thing in common – ridges or knurls to improve grip. Though cleanroom and food environments may find them difficult to clean, they’re perfect for wet or oily environments where slipperiness is a problem.

Push-pull knobs

These are incredibly easy to use, and simple to clean – as long as they’re solid. Open backed ones can collect dirt more easily. They’re prone to slippiness depending on the environment – but if they’re going to be in heavy use, a push-pull knob with a metal insert is a solid choice. Push-pull knobs from EHC.

Tapered knobs

These are great for simple movements – side to side, or up and down. In steamy or greasy environments they can become slippy, and you might need to consider something fluted or knurled. Tapered knobs from EHC.

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Photo by Eunice Lituañas on Unsplash