Going into the 20s in style


A NEW LOOK for a new decade? Some of our suppliers certainly thought so, and are going into  the Twenties with a whole new website design.

New website designs have been launched by Marquardt, SureGrip, OTTO and ZAGO.

And the overall feel is of accessibility - of providing an easy-to-navigate experience for the lay person with no knowledge of switch application, whilst still providing a huge amount of information for the specialist.

Marquardt have gone for a bold new design without a switch in sight at first glance - the company have created a design-led site which concentrates on the human element of their products - the “user-friendly interfaces between man and machine”.

The site features a fun landing page where the user can make changes to the image onscreen, demonstrating the control that Marquardt brings to the world through its switches and innovative operating components.

As a massive global brand, the new site is approachable and fresh, showcasing the company’s innovation in drive authorisation systems, and it’s simple, endlessly useful range of switches.


ZAGO’s new design is incredibly visual too - with video images loading on the landing page, and the different products set out in easy-to-navigate sections.


SureGrip announced its new site at the end of last year - soon after the company was acquired by the EBSCO Industries family of companies.

Their newly launched site features a more intuitive experience with expanded data and technical documents for Sure Grip control products. Users also have access to a library of software downloads, technical product guides, installation tips, and more.


OTTO is not to be left behind, having recently updated its website to include industry news blogs and videos about the company’s products as well as its corporate social responsibility partnership with the Salvation Army.


It’s further evidence that these companies are going forward strongly into the new decade, continuing to refresh their brand and their range whilst still providing the reliability and expertise we have come to expect.

Image: Marquardt