Choosing Point of Sale Equipment - the hardware matters too


When you’re choosing a point of sale system (POS) it’s not just about the software. You need to choose hardware that suits your business, and the environment where you work.

However good the software is that you choose, it’s not going to run without hardware. And it’s is going to have to stand up to whatever environment you’re working in.

But most of the advice online focuses on software choice, and at businesses buying a ‘bundle’ from a single supplier.

Whilst a bundle might offer easy set-up, buying individual components of a POS system can not only save you money, but can also give you a more fully customised set-up.

You can add and take away hardware as you please, so as your business grows or technology changes, you’re completely in control.

And having the freedom to choose the right solution is important, especially if you’re working in an environment such as food supply or medicine. Though a standard keyboard might look up to the job, POS keyboards are built for higher demands than a standard keyboard.

A sticky keyboard that won’t complete a transaction isn’t going to make your customers happy. And if you’ve taken extra care around the hygiene in your work, your POS shouldn’t let you down there either.

Specialist POS keyboards are made with heavier duty, spill proof materials that will be more reliable and longer lasting.

In addition, they can have programmable keys like the ones on a cash register, to make repeat transactions easier and smoother.  In addition, you can choose models with chip card and magnetic card readers built in, in order to save space.

When choosing a keyboard, you should take into account the following elements - how you’ll read credit and debit cards, how you could use programmable keys, and the size of the keyboard, bearing in mind your available point of sale space.

A compact keyboard, with an integrated touch pad, means you can save all the space that a mouse and mat take up.

Nexus supplier ActiveKey is known for its robust range of POS keyboards and peripherals, including the AK-S7840, a compact, touch pad keyboard with a built in card reader.

All of ActiveKey’s POS keyboards are robust and reliable, and their range includes splashproof keyboards, and even one which is disinfectable. Their wired, programmable keyboards feature single mechanical keys with a lifespan of over 50 million actuations.

Clever design features - such as fitting integrated card readers with a metal plate at the bottom of the reading slot to resist abrasion - are used, and models with MX button modules are enclosed by a metal frame, protecting the circuit board.

You can view the ActiveKey range supplied by Nexus here - And as with all Nexus supplied products, we’re very happy to advise when it comes to designing the right solution for your needs.

Photo by John Legrand on Unsplash