Sure Grip KE Knob Handles Details

Supporting up to 2 momentary switches, the Sure Grip Joystick Knob Handles are ideal for heavy use applications. For optimal performance, use with the Sure Grip Electronic Joysticks; JSM & JSL.

Sure Grip KE Joystick Handles are molded & lightweight, designed to protect the joystick & switches from dirt & moisture to reduce damage.

• Joystick Knob Handle
• Sealed to IP54
• Custom Options

Sure Grip KE Knobs are switch tested to 10 million operations.


The Sure Grip KE Knob is available in grey or black and will support up to 2 momentary switches. suitable for simple applications where space is limited. The Sure Grip Knob Handle is optimized to be installed on the Sure Grip  JSM and the Sure Grip JSL Electronic Joysticks.

The Knob is molded from a high impact plastic polymer into a comfortable shape for a rugged and with the lightweight control handle, the Sure Groop KE Handle is ideal for extreme duty applications. The standard Sure Grip switches are covered with their patented overlay design.


Sealing up to IP54
Rugged design
Overlay is customizable
Switch tested to 10 million operations

Faceplate Options:

  1.     "LE" Handle 2 Switches Faceplate
  2.     "LE" Handle 4 Switches Faceplate
  3.     "LE" Handle 6 Switches Faceplate
  4.     "LE" Handle 8 Switches Faceplate
  5.     "LE" Handle with 1 Rocker, 1 slider and 4 Switches Faceplate
  6.     "LE" Handle with 2 Microjoysticks and 2 Switches Faceplate
  7.     "LE" Handles with our "JSM" and "JSL" joystick

*Other configurations available, see handle ordering guide

Momentary Switch Specifications

Unsealed Standard - IP40: Load 4A  Voltage 30Vdc  Operating Temp -25°c  to +85°c

Unsealed Gold Contact - IP40: Load 100mA  Voltage 30Vdc  Operating Temp -25°c  to +85°c

Cable Options:        WR-09B            WR-10B            WR-13B              WR-15B

Conductor                     9                      10                     13                       15
Material                Tinned Copper     Tinned Copper    Tinned Copper     Tinned Copper
Strand                     19 Twisted          7 Twisted           19 Twisted           7 Twisted
AWG                           20                      22                     22                       22
Insulation                 SR-PVC             SR-PVC             SR-PVC              SR-PVC
Outer Jacket            PVC FT4            PVC FT4            PVC FT4             PVC FT4
All Operating Temp                                    -40°c  to +105°c