Sure Grip JSL Electronic Joysticks Details

Ideal for use with the Sure Grip Control Grips. The range of Sure Grip Electronic Joysticks feature Hall sensor technology.

The Hall Effect Joysticks feature the Gimbal Mounting system, allowing orientation up to 20 degrees of adjustment in any direction, with 360 degrees rotation adjustment.

• Electronic Joystick
• Gimbal Mounting
• Custom Options

Sure Grip Controls JSL Electronic Joysticks are suitable for harsh environments & potentiometer apps.


The Sure Grip JSL Series Electronic Joystick is a second generation joystick, which incorporates the newest Hall sensor technology and advanced internal wire configuration. With all the electronics now relocated in the cap, it improves serviceability and allows us to offer CAN, Switched, USB and PWM output options in both single and dual axis spring-return-to-center or friction hold configurations.

Suitable for use with a range of application the Sure Grip JSL Joystick can be configured with the Sure Grip JE, LE, KE and NE control grips. For more options, see ordering guide.

These Sure Grip Electronic Joysticks also feature the innovative "Gimbal Mounting" system that allows the orientation for the most comfortable operating position. The spherical body of the joystick is mounted within a two-piece patented bracket that permits up to 20 degrees of adjustment in any direction with 360 degrees rotation adjustment. This is accomplished using nothing more than a simple allen wrench.

Incorporating Hall sensor technology, the Sure Grip JSL provides a linear output of the attached handle position. This sensing technology is designed to perform consistency within harsh environments that otherwise would not be feasible to support with mechanical sensing solutions such as potentiometers.


Adjustable Gimbal Mounting system
Long life - tested to 20 million operations
Rugged design
Proportional and Switched outputs
Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Sealing up to IP67 (handle dependent)
Fully sealed and encapsulated electronics
EMC: 100V/m
Supports all Sure Grip handles (best suited for the Sure Grip JE, LE, KE, NE Controls)

Optional Outputs

J1939 CAN output (call factory for details)
Analog .5 - 2.5 - 4.5 vdc output, single or dual redundant sensors
Switched 2.5 amp Solid State Switched outputs complete with redundant analog outputs
USB interface (call factory for details)
PWM High Current Valve driver, four 2.5 amp PWM outputs (call factory for details)


Proportional                             Min         Type       Max     Units               
Supply Voltage                            4.9           5.0          5.1       Vdc
Supply Current                              8            10           12        mA
Output Voltage Low                    0.45           0.5          0.7       Vdc
Output Voltage Center                  2.3           2.5          2.7       mA
Output Voltage High                     4.3           4.5        4.55       Vdc

PMW Joystick                           Min         Type       Max     Units
Supply Current                            10              -            32       Vdc
Supply Current                              -               -           10         A
Number of Outputs                        -               4            -           -
Current per Output                        -               -            2.5        A
No of Aux Options                         -              2             -          Hz
Duty Cycle                                    5            80           99        %
Frequency                                   33           200         400        Hz

Switched Joystick                     Min         Type       Max     Units
Supply Voltage (vs)                      10              -            32       Vdc
Number of Outputs                        -               4            -           -
Output Voltage                              -               -            Vs      Vdc
Current per Output                        -                -            2.5       A

CANbus J1939 Joystick: Ref to Doc # 550.0067

Mechanical Specifications

Gimble Mounting Adjustments: +/- 20°
Travel: +/- 20 (On Axis)
Life Expectancy: > 5 Million Cycles
Functions: Spring Return to Center/Friction Hold

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
Sealing: Up to IP67 (Handle Dependent)