Sure Grip DFA2 Danfoss Adapter Driver Board Details

The Sure Grip Danfoss Adapter Driver Boards expand upon the original DFA design, with a Caterpillar ECM compatible version.

Offering handle to valve control for industry standard valves - Ideal for the Sure Grip JSL/JSM Electronic Joysticks.

• Advanced Driver Board
• Self Calibration & Custom Options
• Operates on 12/24 VDC Machines

Sure Grip DFA2 Driver Boards directly control proportional valves, such as the Sauer Danfoss PVG 120 & PVG 32 valves.


The Sure Grip DFA2 Driver is a next generation Danfoss driver board that expands upon the original DFA design with the addition of a Caterpillar ECM compatible version
(DFA2-C1, DFA2-C2). The Sure Grip DFA2-01/02 provides direct from handle to valve  proportional control™ for the operation of industry-standard ratio metric proportional valves.

You can use Sure Grip Controls' non-contact proportional modules or the Sure Grip JSL/JSM Series joysticks to directly control proportional valves such as the Sauer Danfoss™ PVG 120 and PVG 32 series proportional valves. While the Sure Grip DFA2-C1/C2 is designed to interface to Caterpillar ECM's that require PWM control input signals.

The Sure Grip Danfoss Adapter Driver is installed as an in-line module on a Sure Grip Control's handle or joystick wiring harness. The operator will have bi-directional proportional control of Danfoss™ proportional valves using a proportional slider module, two proportional flex pushbuttons or a JSL/JSM Series joystick. (The DFA2-01/C1 version is configured for use
with our PC-V2 modules, whereas the DFA2-02/C2 version is for use with the JSL/JSM Series joysticks.)

While the Sure Grip DFA2-01/02 Driver provides the drive signal required by the valve, and includes a high current valve enable signal whenever the drive signal is off neutral. The DFA2-01/02 also includes factory programmed ramping of 300ms to help reduce pressure spikes in the hydraulic system.

The heart of the Sure Grip DFA2 is a microcontroller which constantly monitors the machine's operating voltage, generates the proportional valve drive signals and reads the input devices. Built-in software safety features will cause a safe shut-down of the valve should there be a failure in the proportional input devices, or in the wiring between the handle and
the module, or if there is a computer malfunction. The hardware is designed to withstand potentially damaging electrical surges (common on mobile hydraulic machinery) and to survive wiring faults and installation errors.


  • Convert signal from 2 x PC-V2 Modules, Slider Modules, or JM/JL Joysticks
  • Sauer-Danfoss PVG Valve compatibility (DFA2-01/04 configurations)
  • Caterpillar ECM compatibility (DFA2-C1/C1-S/C2/C3 configurations)
  • Installed in-line with the handle wire harness, no extra wiring
  • Electrical protection built in
  • Self calibration for center voltage
  • High Current Switched enable output when off neutral
  • On-board 5 VDC power supply for control inputs (Joysticks, PC-V2 modules)
  • Operates on 12 or 24 VDC machines
Model Options

DFA2-01: Sauer-Danfoss PVG/PVE Proportional Valve Driver (PC-V2 module controlled)
DFA2-02: Sauer-Danfoss PVG/PVE Series Proportional Valve Driver (Joystick controlled)
DFA2-04: Sauer-Danfoss PVG/PVE Valve Driver with Float Mode (Joystick controlled)
DFA2-C1: Caterpillar ECM Compatible PWM Driver Board (PC-V2 module controlled)
DFA2-C1-S: Caterpillar ECM Compatible PWM Driver Board (Switched Inputs)
DFA2-C2: Caterpillar ECM Compatible PWM Driver Board (Joystick controlled)
DFA2-C3: Caterpillar ECM Compatible PWM Driver Board with Adjustable Output (Joystick)