Sure Grip DBL-17 Logic Driver Boards Details

Ideal to replace relays, timers, diode logic circuits & programmable logic controllers (PLCs) - These Sure Grip Logic Driver Boards are suitable for use in most applications.

Reading up to 10 inputs, controlling up to 17 high current outputs from a simple & easy to use control handle.

• Driver Board
• Control Switch Multiplexing
• Reliable in Mobile Equipment

Sure Grip DBL-17 Logic Driver Boards come with a range of custom configurations & functions.


The Sure Grip DBL-17 Driver Board can read up to 10 inputs and can control up to 17 high current outputs to allow complex control of a machine's functions from a simple, easy to use control handle.

Factory programmed to the customer's specifications the Sure Grip Logic Driver Board is designed for easy installation and reliable operation in mobile equipment. The Sure Grip DBL-17 can be used to replace relays, timers, diode logic circuits and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in many applications.


  •     10 inputs to operate over a wide input voltage range at logic level input currents.
  •     Inputs are read as OFF if left floating or disconnected.
  •     17 solid state, high current outputs that can drive 2.5A each.
  •     Outputs can be paralleled for higher current drive of up to 24A.
  •     Outputs protected against over-current and over-temperature.
  •     Outputs automatically reset when overload is cleared.
  •     Outputs protected against transients from inductive load switching.
  •     Powerful microprocessor scans the inputs, updating outputs 55 times per second.
  •     Terminal strips 18 to 22 gauge wire.
  •     Status LED on board shows power on and input state.
  •     Custom programming service available for virtually any application.
  •     Compact enclosure with mounting lugs.

Power Supply:
Supply Voltage: 6 to 28 VDC
Supply Current (idle): 15 mA
Supply Current (max): up to 24A, depending on configiration
Aux. Vout: 5VDC, maximum 20 mA
Input: Input Voltage: 0V to V(supply)
Output: Output Current: 2.5A per output

Suitable Applications

  •     Control switch multiplexing.
  •     Multiple high current outputs.
  •     Keyboard or function re-mapping.
  •     Function interlocks.
  •     Sequential, timed or delayed functions
Programming is accomplished by supplying Sure Grip Controls with boolean equations, truth tables or a written definition of the switch states controlling the outputs.