Sure Grip 10 Button Keypads Details

The Sure Grip LED Joystick Handles are available in a variety custom configurations. Sure Grip's Joystick LEDs are optimized to be installed into a range of Sure Grip Handles.

Order the Sure Grip LED Joystick Handles separately - Perfect to suit a variety of functions & applications.

• LED Handle
• Joystick Control
• Custom Options

Please contact us if a special LED Handle is required, as we have custom joystick handles available.


The Sure Grip 10 Button Keypads for Joystick Handles are designed to provide extra switching functions to control computer, PLC or power relays.

Sure Grips newly redesigned Keypads have greatly improved operator comfort. Offering 10 buttons, mounted closer into the grip resulting in reduced fatigue and strain. The switches and wire harness are also completely enclosed within the case for a more integrated look.Wire is foil shielded to eliminate unwanted interference with signal-level switching.

Sure Grip Button Keypads offer comfortable, compact and durable multi-function switching options for all forestry and construction applications. When Keypads are ordered with handles from the factory, they will be shipped already installed on the handles themselves. If ordered separately, the keypad will come already installed on the appropriate handle case.


Switches - Electrical: 50 ma @ 24 VDC & Mechanical: 10 million cycles
Housing - High Impact ABS
Wire - Standard 10' @ 24 gauge routed through the handle case
Operating Force - 250 grams, snap action

Part Number

KP-10L1 (B/G) is for use by the left hand
KP-10R1 (B/G) is for use by the right hand