OTTO U7 Pendant Switch Range Details

High performance OTTO pendant switches, perfect for severe conditions. Great for medical, heavy equipment & industrial devices. The OTTO U7 Switches are available in single & dual configurations & a range of customisation options, ideal to suit your operational requirements. KEY FEATURES • Switches Logic Level Circuits • Sealed or Unsealed • Reach compliant OTTO U7 Pendant Switches withstand extreme shock & vibration - With a variety of cable, button & bezel options.


The OTTO Pendant Switches offer high performance, perfect for severe conditions. Suitable for use with medical, heavy equipment & industrial devices.

Designed to withstand extreme shock & vibration. The OTTO U7 Pendant Switches are available in single & dual configurations, with a range of customisation options.


Durable cables
Switches logic level circuits
Choice of button, bezel & handle colors
Withstands extreme shock & vibration
Available in sealed & unsealed versions
Reach compliant


Cable options include 0.250” diameter for 60.0 lbs pull strength or 0.130” diameter cable for 25.0 lbs pull strength.