OTTO T5 4-Way Plus Center Pushbutton Mini Trim Details

Featuring a single pole with 5 throw Center off momentary contact, the miniature trim switch provides self-return to center off. OTTO T5 Mini Trim Switches fit into control grips or panel mounted, with multiple sealing levels to fit a range of applications. KEY FEATURES • Commercial & Military Grades • Sealed: IP64/IP68S • Standard/Low Level Switching The OTTO T5 4-Way Pushbutton Mini Trim Switches are available with custom configuration options, to suit your requirements.


The Otto T5 Trim Switches feature a single pole, with 5 throw Center off momentary contact to deliver standard & low level switching.

These T5 OTTO Mini Trim Switches provide self-return to center off, designed fit into control grips or panel mounted - Available with multiple sealing options.


4-Way Trim Switch
Single Pole
Momentary Action
Self-Return, Center Off
Sealed to Dusttight to IP64, Watertight to IP68S or MIL-PRF-8805


Resistive: 10mA @ 5VDC (low level)
Inductive 1A @ 28VDC
DWV: 1050Vrms
Low Level: 10mA Resistive @ 5VDC
Electrical Life: 100,000 cycles - 1A Inductive @ 28VDC
Lever Travel: Toggle: 15° max from center OFF
Pushbutton: 0.020 inches min
Seal: IP64 or IP68S or MIL-PRF-8805 Design 3
Operating Temp Range: -55°C to +85°C
Operating Force: Toggle: 16 oz +/- 6 oz Pushbutton: 5.0 lbs. max
Lever Pivot & Stop Strength: Switch is capable of withstanding a force of 25.0 lbs
The button also withstands 15.0 lbs. minimum pull force


Case: Aluminum alloy or thermoplastic
Button: Thermoplastic
Terminals: Silver over brass Brass with gold over silver for low level
Terminal Hardware: None provided
Mounting Hardware: Hex nut, tooth lockwasher, panel seal gasket where applicable