OTTO P6-3 Subminiature Sealed Limit Switch Range (Double Pole) Details

A Double Pole, Sub-Miniature Limit Switch with a range of options - Ideal to suit your own operational needs. The OTTO P6-3 Subminiature Sealed Limit Switches are suitable for switching logic level loads, offering precision operating points with high contact pressure & superior wiping. KEY FEATURES • Switch up to 10 Amps • Terminal Options • Sealed: MIL-PRF-8805 OTTO P6-3 Double Pole Limit Switch features durable, aluminum housing with a choice of lever styles.


The OTTO P6-3 Single Pole Limit Switches feature a range of options, ideal to suit your own operational needs. Suitable for switching logic level loads, offering precision operation.


Compact design
Watertight to MIL-PRF-8805
Choice of four actuator styles
Choice of wire lead or solder termination styles
Up to 10 amps switching capability
High contact pressure for low levels
Precision operating points


Electrical Ratings: Sea Level @ 28VDC & 50,000 feet @ 28VDC
Resistive: Single Circuit 10A or 2 Circuit 10A
Inductive: Single Circuit 3.5A - 7.5A or 2 Circuit 2A -5A 
Motor: Single Circuit 4A or 2 Circuit 2A
DWV: 1000Vrms or 500Vrms
Electrical Life:  50,000 cycles
Mechanical Life:  50,000 cycles
Operating Force: 16 oz - 60 oz max
Release Force: 4 oz min - 24 oz max
Movement Differential: Various, depending on specification
Overtravel: Various, depending on specification
Strength of Actuator: 10.0 - 25.0 lbs
Temperature Range:  -55°C to +85°C
Seal:  Enclosure Design 3, watertight per MIL-PRF-8805

Plunger:  Corrosion resistant steel
Lever:  Corrosion resistant steel (where applicable)
Mounting Hardware:  None provided