OTTO JHT Miniature Joystick Range (Z-Axis) Details

A selection of quality Z-Axis Miniature Joysticks, allowing a 60° rotational movement. The OTTO JHT Joysticks are ideal for use in limited space, where precision control is required. With detent, friction hold or spring return variations & gating options available. KEY FEATURES • 5 Million Cycles • Sealed: IP68S • Button/Switch Options Available OTTO JHT Miniature Joysticks show no degradation of electrical performance & the EMI/RFI withstand are per SAE J1113 specs.


The OTTO JHT Z-Axis Mini Joysticks allows a 60° rotational movement. Ideal for use in limited space, where precision control is required - Suitable for armrest & panel mounting.


Miniature joystick
Electrical Analog Joystick
Compact design
Available up to IP68S sealed
Single axis or various  omni-directional options
Pushbutton switch available
Sensor Type: Hall effect analog
Factory programmed ground & supply line break detection; over & reverse voltage protection
Contactless sensing
60° rotational movement of the knob
IP68S Sealed
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


5 Million operational cycles in all directions
Rated at Vcc = 5V @ 20°C Load = 1ma (4.7KΩ)
Supply Voltage: VDC 4.5 to 5.5
Output Voltage Tolerance: VDC -.25 N/A +.25
Full Travel @ 5V Vcc
Supply Current: 10 to 12 mA
Output Impedance kΩ 1
Supply current 20mA (typical)
Output 1+2 Voltage: VDC 2.25 to 2.75
0° Deflection @ 5V Vcc
Output 1+2 at Full Travel: VDC 4.25 to 4.55
+Z Direction @ 5V Vcc
Z-Axis options include detent, friction hold or spring return 
Output 1+2 at Full Travel: VDC 0.45 0.50 0.75
Z Direction @ 5V Vcc
Supply current (per sensor) 10mA Max
Source Current Limit mA 1.0 to1.0
Withstand EMI/RFI per SAE J1113
3.3V and 5V SPI Output Options
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Travel Angle (Total) Degrees 56 60 64


Housing: Thermoplastic, black
Bellows: Silicone, black.