OTTO JHS-RC Return to Center, Single Axis Hall Effect Joystick Range Details

Part of the OTTO Hall Effect Control Series, the JHS-RC Joysticks are high reliability single axis, Hall Effect Joysticks. The OTTO JHS-F Joystick features a spring-return-to-center action, resistant to harsh environments, suitable for off-highway & construction applications. KEY FEATURES • Compact Joystick • Custom Options • IP68S Sealed OTTO JHS-RC Return to Center, Single Axis Hall Effect Joysticks offer a long mechanical life, available with a range of custom options.


The OTTO JHS-RC0001 is a high reliability single axis, spring-return- to-center joystick, resistant to the levels of temperature, shock, vibration and EMI/RFI typically found in off-highway construction environments. The contactless Hall Effect sensor of the OTTO JSH-RC Joystick eliminates many of the failures associated with traditional joystick technology.

The OTTO JHS-RC hasbeen tested to four million cycles with no sign of boot wear and no degradation of electrical performance. The electronics are sealed to IP68S. It offers resistance to RFI and EMI per SAE J1113; standard 0.5 to 4.5VDC proportional output. The JHS-RC is recommended for the construction and off-road vehicle market.


Rugged compact design
Hall effect contactless sensing
Tested to 4 million cycles
Smooth spring return to center
+/- 25° travel in a rugged housing
Outstanding EMI/RFI immunity
Redundant output available
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


Rated at 5V @ 20°C Load = 1ma (4.7kΩ)

Electrical                                     Units                Min           Typ            Max
Supply Voltage                               VDC                4.5               5              5.5
Output Tolerance at Full Travel       VDC               -.25            N/A            +.25
Direction 1 (+ Travel)             @ 5V Vcc
Output Tolerance at Full Travel       VDC               -.25            N/A            +.25
Direction 2 (- Travel)             @ 5V Vcc
Output Tolerance at Center            VDC               -.25            N/A            +.25
                                           @ 5V Vcc
Supply Current Per Sensor              mA                N/A           N/A               10
(B = 0, Vcc = 5V, lo = 0)

Seal Integrity:  Electronics watertight per IP68S
Mechanical Life:  4 million cycles
Travel Angle:  25° typical, 24° min to 26° max
Operating Force:  2.5 lbs. typical, 1.5 lbs. min to 3.5 lbs. max
Operating Temp Range:  -40°C to +85°C
Humidity:  96% RH, 70°C, 96 hours
Vibration:  Per MIL-810F min integrity
RFI:  Withstand per SAE J1113 EMI:  Withstand per SAE J1113


Housing:  Thermoplastic
Bellows:  EPDM, black (typical)
Cable:  3/22 AWG (19 strands of 34 AWG TSC)   PVC/Polyurethane blend outer jacket
Mounting Hardware:  10-24 x 3/4 carriage bolts, self-locking nuts