OTTO JHM Medium Industrial Hall Effect Joystick Range Details

Part of the OTTO Hall Effect Controls Series, the JHM Joysticks are provide full function operator control - Suitable for use in an armrest or on a control panel. OTTO JHM Industrial Joysticks offer long life & a reliable performance, with a range of custom options & configurations. KEY FEATURES • Industrial Joysticks • Custom Options • IP68S Sealed OTTO JHM Medium Industrial Hall Effect Joysticks come with a choice of Grips & Switches, ideal to suit specific requirements.


The OTTO JHM series Medium Hall Effect Joystick is a full function operator control in a package that will fit in an armrest or on a panel. It utilizes OTTO’s patented Hall Effect technology for unmatched life and reliability.

OTTO JHM Joysticks feature sealed electronics, with an operational life of ten million cycles in all directions. Additional options include CANopen(R) and CAN J1939 versions, multiple analog and digital auxiliarycontrol outputs, redundant sensors and a variety of output configurations, along with a variety of grip and switch options.

Full Features:

Designed for armrest & panel mounting
Proven contactless analog output Hall effect technology
Electronics sealed to IP68S
Up to 10 million operational cycles in all directions
Available with a variety of grip & switch options
Redundant sensors available
Various output configurations: CANopen®/CAN J193/USB/Serial/Analog
5V standard, 12V & 24V available
Also available in gated and frictional travel versions
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


Sensor Type: 
Hall effect analog, with temperature compensation, and ground and supply
line break detection, over voltage and reverse voltage protection options.

Design: Contactless sensing
Magnet: Dual bar permanent magnet
Rated at 5V @ 20°C Load = 1ma (4.7kΩ)

Electrical                             Units                 Min             Typ              Max
Supply Voltage                       VDC                  4.5               5                 5.5
Output Voltage Tolerance       VDC                 -0.25             N/A           +0.25
+Y, -Y, +X, -X  0° Deflection      @ 5V Vcc
Output Voltage Tolerance (Full) VDC                 -0.25             N/A           +0.25
Travel +Y, -Y, +X, -X Direction   @ 5V Vcc
Supply Current Per Sensor:       mA                   N/A              N/A             10
Output Source Current Limit:      mA                  -1                 N/A              1

Mechanical Life (all directions): 1,000,000 cycles min to 10,000,000 cycles
Travel Angle:  18° min to 22° max
Operating Force:  With bellows, 20°C to 85°C at grip 0.5 lb. min to 3.5 lbs. max
Operating Temp Range:  Low force -20°C to +85°C   High force -40°C to +85°C
Electronics:  Sealed to IP68S
RFI:  Withstand per SAE J1113
EMI:  Withstand per SAE J1113


Housing:  Thermoplastic, black
Bellows:  Neoprene or silicone, black
Wires:  Per customer application
Mounting Hardware:  Panhead screws