OTTO HTWM Range of Hall Effect Thumbwheels (Mini Proportional Output) Details

These Mini Proportional Output Thumbwheels feature a spring-return-to-center, single axis with actuator & multiple output options. OTTO HTWM Thumbwheels come with snap-in mounting this, suitable for use with numerous applications - Providing great EMI/RFI immunity. KEY FEATURES • 3 Million Cycles • Sealed to IP68S • Custom Options The OTTO HTWM Hall Effect Thumbwheels are compact in size, ideal for use in grip, armrest & panel applications.


The OTTO HTWM Thumbwheels offer a mini proportional output, with spring-return-to-center, single axis complete with actuator & multiple output options. Suitable for use with a range of applications.


Mechanical Life: 3,000,000 full forward to full back
Available with eight output options
Max Allowable Radial Load: 30.0 lbs
Return-to-center, single axis thumbwheel
Shorter behind panel depth: 0.96” max.
8 output options
Rocker switch style mounting


Rated at Vcc = 5V @ 25°C Load = 1mA (4.7KΩ)
Supply Voltage: VDC 4.50 to 5.50
Output Voltage Tolerance: VDC -0.25 to +0.25
Sealed to IP68S with excellent EMI/RFI
Supply Current Per Sensor: 10mA
Operating Temp Range: -40°C to +85°C
Humidity: 96% RH, 70°C, 96 hours
Vibration: Per MIL-810F minimum integrity
EMI: Withstand per SAE J1113
RFI: Withstand per SAE J1113
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


Button: Thermoplastic
Bezel: Thermoplastic
Wires: 18 AWG