OTTO HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal Range Details

Part of the OTTO Hall Effect Controls, these Foot Pedals feature HE sensors & electronics.   OTTO HJFC Foot Pedals are available in J1939 & CANopen® formats. The CAN interface provides 3 analogue input channels, 12 digital inputs & 2 digital output channels.   KEY FEATURES • HE Foot Pedal Switch • Custom Options • IP68S Rating   OTTO HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal Switch can be customized with specific features to suit your needs & withstands -40°C to +85°C temperatures.


The HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal is built to perform under the worst possible conditions. The unique design places Hall Effect sensors and electronics behind a solid plastic diaphragm that separates the top and bottom halves of the front pedal, sealing the electronics in an IP68S rated enclosure.

The bottom half of the pedal utilizes the same proven contactless analog output Hall Effect technology used in OTTO joysticks and is available in J1939 and CANopen® formats. The CAN interface provides three analog input channels, 12 digital input channels and two digital output channels. It will withstand operating temperature extremes of -40°C to +85°C, is
sealed to IP68S immersion requirements and passes EMI/RFI immunity testing to 100V/M.

The HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal provides a life of nine million cycles. The pedal’s pivot point itself is also sealed against large debris. Customer specified features such as pretravel (dead band) and overtravel, along with a minimum and maximum output, are programmable. The sensor programming is completed in automated fixtures during assembly ensuring tight output tolerances. The HJFC Hall Effect Foot Pedal offers more performance features and a higher cycle and seal rating than any other foot pedal on the market.


Outstanding EMI/RFI immunity
Heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant metal
Proven contactless analog output Hall effect technology
J1939, CANopen® formats available
Life expectancy of 9 million cycles
Sealed against the elements, behind a solid plastic diaphragm
Diaphragm separates the top & bottom halves of the foot pedal
Electronics are sealed to IP68S
Pedal pivot point sealed against large debris
Programmable pretravel (dead band) & overtravel along with minimum & maximum output
Sensor programming in automated fixtures during assembly ensuring tight output tolerances
Reverse polarity protection available
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


Mechanical Life:  9,000,000 cycles
Vibration:   10g. 24Hz to 2KHz swept sinusoidal
Travel Angle: 13° nominal dual direction, 15° nominal single direction
Operating Force (lbs.):  14.0 lbs. typical -40°C to +85°C at load reference point
Electrical Life:  9,000,000 cycles
Electrical Ratings:
Electrical                                                       Units                 Min         Typ          Max
Supply Current Per Sensor:                              mA                  N/A         N/A             10
Output Resistance (lo ≤ -2mA):                          Ω                   N/A         100           N/A
Analog Supply Voltage (Option 1):                 VDC                   4.5            5            5.5
Analog Supply Voltage (Option 2):                 VDC                     8           12             18
Analog Output Voltage Tolerance (Centre):    VDC @ 5Vcc       -0.15         N/A        +0.15 
Analog Output Voltage Tolerance (Full):         VDC @ 5Vcc     -0.15         N/A        +0.15 
Limit Switch Supply Voltage (if applicable)       Volts                      5         N/A             30
Limit Switch Actuation (if applicable)               Degrees               1°          2°              3°
Analog Output Pretravel                                Degrees                1°         2°              3°
Analog Output Overtravel                              Degrees               1°          2°              3°

Note: Limit switch outputs will source limit switch supply voltage when actuated.

Seal:  Electronics IP68S
RFI:  Withstand per SAE J1113
EMI:  Withstand per SAE J1113
Operating Temp Range:  -40°C to +85°C Humidity:  96% RH, 70°C, 96 hours Sand/Dust:  Withstand per SAE J1455


Foot Pedal Plate:  Zinc and high corrosion trivalent chromate
Housing:  PPE/PA
Cable:  22 AWG (19 strands of 34 AWG TSC) PVC/Polyurethane blend outer jacket
Mounting Hardware:  None provided