OTTO B1 Basic Switch Range Details

Single break, ultra small Sub-Miniature Basic Switches - Switching from low level signals, up to 2 amps. The OTTO Basic Switches offer a a 1 million cycle life expectancy. With molded & sealed terminals for max protection. KEY FEATURES • MIL-PRF-8805/94 • Precision Operating • 0.300" W x 0.255" H x 0.100" Thick OTTO B1 Basic Switch features a durable, molded housing is rugged & structurally stable. Available in a double turret solder style or 0.020" x 0.025" PC pins.


The OTTO B1 Basic Switches are single break, ultra small sub-miniature switches. Design to provide switching from low level signals, up to 2 amps.

Providing a 1 million cycle life expectancy, the  OTTO Single Break Switches feature molded & sealed terminals for max protection.


Ultra-compact: only 0.300” w x 0.255” h x 0.100” thick
1 million cycle life, B1-5 Series
Low level or logic level switching capability
Designed in accordance with MIL-PRF-8805/94
Available in Commercial & Military grades
Choice of solder or PC molded-in terminals
Precision operating points
RoHS/WEEE/Reach compliant


Electrical Rating: Sea Level @ 28VDC or 115VAC, 60Hz/50,000 Feet @ 28DVC
Resistive: 2A/2A
Inductive: 0.55A/0.2A
DWV: 1000Vrms/400Vrms
Low Level: 30mVDC
*L/R: 0.026
Electrical Life: 25,000 Cycles
Mechanical Life: B1 Series - 100,000 Cycles (B1-5 Series is 1,000,000 cycles)
Seal: Unsealed
Operating Temp Range: -55°c to +125°c
Operating Force: 6ox Max
Release Force: 0.7oz Max
Operating Point: 0.220 +/- 0.015 Inches from Mounting Holes
Overtravel: 0.003 Inches Min
Movement Differential: 0.002 Inches Nominal (0.005 Inches Max)
Pretravel: 0.015 Inches Max


Case:  Thermoset, blue
Cover:  Thermoplastic, blue
Button:  Thermoplastic, black
Terminals:  Brass, gold over nickel
Contacts:  Stationary: Silver with gold/Moveable: Silver with gold
Terminal Hardware:  None provided
Mounting Hardware:  None provided