HTL2-512111AA12 Details

2-Way, Single Axis, Linear Hall Effect Finger Joysticks, suitable for control handles, armrests & panels. OTTO Hall Effect Finger Joysticks boast programmable sensors & built-in temperature compensation - Ensuring consistent operation. KEY FEATURES • 1 Million Cycles • Watertight: IP68S • Immune to frequency interference up to 100V/M The OTTO Finger Joystick (HTL2-512111AA12) is perfect to provide improved control, with a variety of output configurations & terminal options.


The OTTO HTL2 Joystick features a 2-way, single axis - Suitable for use with control handles, armrests & panels, featuring programmable sensors & built-in temperature control.


Mechanical Life: 1,000,000 (All Directions)
Travel Angle: 23° - 27° Max (25° Typical)
Operating Force: 16oz - 20oz Max @ 20°C
Max Force on Button: 25.0lbs
Max Torque on Button: 5.5lbs


Rated at Vcc = 5V @ 25°c Load = 1mA (4.7)
Supply Voltage: 4.5 - 5.5 VDC (Max)
Output Voltage Tolerance @ Full Travel : -0.25  to +0.25VDC (Max)
Supply Current: 10mA
Output Source Current: -1 - 1mA
Output Resistance: 10 Max
Operating & Storage Temp: -40°c to +85°c
RFL: Withstand per SAE J1113
EMI: Withstand per SAE J1113


Boot: Elastomer
Button: Thermoplastic
Case: Thermoplastic
Flange: Thermoplastic
Wires: 22 or 24 AWG
Mounting Hardware: Panel Fastener Assembly