Marquardt Single and Double Pole Rocker Switches - Series 3250 Details

With optional IP65 rating to create a Waterproof Switch, these Marquardt Single & Double Rocker Switches offer On/Off functions, suitable for a range of applications.  

Marquardt 3250 Series Rocker Switch feature 3 slim profile options, ideal for Class II appliances & limited spaces.  

• 5000,000 Mechanical Life Cycle
• Current: 100 mA
• Voltage: 12V

The 3250 Marquardt Rocker Switches come with a choice of custom terminals & illuminated legends options.



  • High dust and water protection with IP 66 and IP 67
  • Unique and millions of times proven snap-action switching system
  • Self cleaning due to relative movement
  • Up to 4 integrated LEDs for background and function illumination
  • Mechanical life ≥ 500.000 cycles
  • Wide range up to 20 A at 12 / 24 VDC
  • Large variety of all required switching and circuit options
  • Attractive design with various cap shapes and varnished colors
  • Large selection of laser etched symbols and accessories
  • Individually configurable
Technical Data

Mechanical life endurance: 50E4
Operating force: 7 N to 12 N +1,5 N
Contact resistance (new condition): < 100 mOhm (1 A 12 V DC)
Insulation resistance (new condition): > 100 MOhm (500 V DC)
Proof tracking: 250 PTI
Protection type: IP 66 and IP 67 Actuator side
Ambient temperature: Connection side -40 °C to +85 °C
Ambient temperature: Actuating side -40 °C to +85 °C
Material: Actuator PA glass fiber-reinforced/PC & Housing PA/PP
Connections: Silver plated
Connection type: Quick-connect terminal
Lighting type: Symbol position 1 green; red/Symbol position 1 + 2 green; red
Lighting type: Function illumination red; yellow
Lighting type: External function illumination red; yellow
Lighting voltage: 24 V/12 V