Marquardt Footswitch Series - 2420 Details

A range of Single & Double Marquardt Pole Foot Switches providing control foot switching functions with a single pedal.

Marquardt 2420 Series Footswitches are highly durable, with a long mechanical life of up to 300000 and a choice of switching cycles.


• 1 or 2-Pole Switch
• Current: Various
• Voltage: 250V

The 2420 Marquardt Foot Switches can be foot or hand operated, depending on your needs. Providing direct actuation, with single or double pole varieties.



  • Protected against dust and water (IP 65 / IP 67)
  • Snap-action switching system proved milliones of times
  • Compact design
  • Clearly discernable tactile feedback
  • Robust and anti-slip, screw holes for fixing to the floor (optional)
  • Versions for low DC signal currents, up to ratings of 16 A 250 V AC
  • Wide range of switching functions, with and without cables
  • Modern switch design
  • Rocker available in different colors, can be printed to customer specifications
  • Cable assembly on customer side
Technical Data

Mechanical life endurance: 1E5
Proof tracking: 250 PTI
Protection type: IP 65 and IP 67
Ambient temperature: Connection side -20 °C to +85 °C
Ambient temperature: Actuating side -20 °C to +85 °C
Material: Actuator PA glass fiber-reinforced
Material: Housing PA glass fiber-reinforced
Connections: Nickel-plated
Approval marks: ENEC 10
Suitable for appliances of protection class II