Active Key AK-480 Compact PS-2 Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard Details

A Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard, reliable & robust the MSR Keyboard is suitable for POS & payment applications. Ideal for consumer based industries.  

With MSR code transmission via key stroke emulation, great for use with all operating systems & offers multi level key programming.  

• POS MSR Keyboard
• Easy to Program
• Alpha Field Section
• 6 Position Lock  

Active Key AK-480 MSR Keyboards have a range of language layouts with programmable key options.


The Active Key AK-480-P Keyboard is designed for POS and payment applications.  With a space saving design, ideal for use in limited spaces.MSR code transmission works via key stroke emulation and there is no need for any special software driver, allowing the usage of this keyboard at all operating systems. Even if there's and change on the POS system, the keyboard and the MSR will still work.

The Active Key Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard features up to 3 track integrated MSR, to support all common standards, with programmability of all keys. The Storage and program settings are done in the keyboard and do not require any permanent software on the computer. Complete with multi level key programming, with no limitation per key and flexible memory control. As well as GUI software for easy programming, with a 6 position key lock.


Up to 3 track MSR reader
500 000 read cycles (MSR)
Programmable Headers, Terminators
Start/stop character transmission on/off
Programmable key version available
Programming storage in keyboard
69 keys, all programmable
Multi level key programming
1x2 and 2x2 keycaps available


Compatibility: All operating systems supporting standard PS/2 keyboard
Temperature Range: Storage –20º to + 60º C or Operation 0º to + 50º C
Supply Voltage: 5 V +/- 5% (max. 100mA via PS/2 interface)
Dimensions: 335mm x 170mm x 47mm
Weight: 1.0 kilograms 
Key Travel: 4 mm +- 0.5 mm
Key Switch Technology: Membrane with cross guiding stamp, > 20 million operations
Magnetic Stripe Reader Compatibility: ISO 7812, IBM Standards, American drivers license
Bit Density: Track 1: 210 bpi, Track 2: 75 or 210 bpi, Track 3: 210 bpi 
Read Performance: 10 to 100 cm/s (all 3 tracks)
Agency Approvals: CE, FCC

Part#: AK-480-PxW-y/z

Identifier x = MSR tracks installed: 12 = Track 1 and 2  or 123 = Track 1, 2 and 3
Identifier y = Color: B = Black
Identifier z  = Country Version: US = US International   GE = German 
SP = Spanish    FR = French  UK = UK English    IT   = Italian 

(*For other country versions please contact us on: 01524 770 777)