Components used in the aerospace industry need to stand up to extreme demands. We work with suppliers with experience in this sector, such as CTI Electronics and OTTO, to ensure the products we supply meet the precise demands of this industry.


Working with suppliers including CTS and SureGrip, companies with extensive experience of the agricultural/ construction heavy equipment industry, Nexus is uniquely placed to advise and design components that work well in agricultural applications.


We recognise the need to be at the leading edge in our supply to the audio industry, and are proud to work with suppliers such as OTTO and Mardquardt Switches, whose Pro Audio range is one of the most eye-catching available. We can offer a range of illuminated pushbuttons, toggle switches, rocker switches and rotary switches.


Suppliers to the automotive industry must be adaptive to change, and fully aware of updates to regulations, materials and technologies. With suppliers such as Marquardt and OTTO, Nexus can supply automotive clients with the exact specification they need.


The aviation industry needs suppliers with international reach, conversant with the specialised needs and heavy regulations of the industry. Our suppliers, including Electronic Hardware Corporation of New York, are experienced in meeting the needs of this global market.


Nexus Components provides expert technical and commercial support when you require it. Supplying some of the most popular, high quality components, we can work with you from the design phase of your project onwards


Military applications mean extreme environments - and the need for products that can withstand wild temperature ranges and the onslaught of wind, weather and contaminants. Products such as our sealed switches and high-reliability rugged controls from OTTO are tested in military use.


With a range of products capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, heavy use, and hazardous elements, we can work with you to find just the right products to deal with all manner of industrial applications.


Nexus supplies high quality switches, keyboards joysticks, grips, control knobs, touch screens and solid state relays to the manufacturing sector. Our expertise means that we can meet the manufacturing industry’s need for precision, quality and safety.


The marine industry demands high standards in safety and reliability. An incredibly diverse sector, it requires a wide range of components and materials. Nexus provides a range of components, including Zago sealing products, Ruffy Joysticks and OTTO switches, which can withstand harsh environments and exposure to water, oil and other contaminants.


In a medical environment, cleanliness and reliability are key. We offer a range of products including EHC medical clamps and ActiveKey medical-grade keyboards to ensure comfort and prevention of cross-contamination. We also stock a full range of switches and controls, keypads, and displays, which can withstand the needs of the medical industry.